I went into this movie not knowing much about it, and was secretly hoping that Michael Keaton who plays Birdman in this movie would utter the words in his husky voice, “I’m Birdman.”  I thought this was a super hero turned actor movie but I think it was something much more and am not surprised to see this as a 2015 Oscar Nominee.

Keaton plays a movie star who days of popularity have passed.  He wants nothing more to be seen as more than just Birdman.  Throughout the movie the audience is led to believe he is delusional thinking that he really Birdman.  He is constantly talking to the Birdman in his head who wants him to give up the theatre and go back to the film world.

Emma Stone plays Keaton’s just out of rehab daughter who is working for her father as his assistant.  She is struggling to be seen as more than just his daughter and more than just a drug addict.  Edward Norton plays a full of himself pretentious Broadway actor who actually has fistfights with Keaton.  This supporting cast matches the level of acting that Keaton brings to the movie well.

To me this movie is about fulfilling your destiny.  It says to me that only we can decide who we are and if we work toward it, we will become that…even if it is a Birdman.

Grade: A