Black Panther

I have to admit, I am a DC guy.  I grew up reading Batman and Superman comics and watching Michael Keaton and Christopher Reeves play the respective parts on the big screen.  But I am in a conundrum because I am also a huge Disney fan.  Now that Disney owns Marvel, I have watched the films but I have not been able to get into the comic side of things…well not yet at least.  So when I watch these movies as opposed to the DC ones I don’t know the origin stories of these heroes and take the movie as canon.   I always enjoy the action sequences and and the how the villains tell their plan right before they are foiled.  But to me they aren’t as serious as an Oscar contender should be.  But at the same time I am sick of Oscar only recognizing dramas and stories that make you want to jump off a building.  Black Panther is revolutionary in the sense of creating strong heroes for a community that hasn’t been given this in the past, but in the end it is a superhero movie and should not be up for the Oscar that it is currently nominated.  Does that make me naive?  Probably.  But until we see comedies and original action films up there against the latest cancer or war story, I don’t think Black Panther should be up there.

With that said, I loved the movie.  It gave me a warm feeling throughout and makes me want to go back to the comics and learn more about the characters represented. Waukanda Forever!

Grade: A