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2021 Golden Globe Awards Movie Categories

I have done my utmost to see these nominations, but there are a few that I haven’t been able to see.  I will mark the shows I haven’t seen in blue.  Shows I think will win in Green and Shows that I think should win in Red. The actual winners are underlined. BEST MOTION PICTURE – DRAMA THE FATHER (Trademark Films;… Read more →

2020 Oscars Predictions

I rarely have time to watch all the movies that are nominated for all the different categories but this year I was able to sit through them and I know what I like and I think I know what the oscars voting body will pick. here are my predictions: ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE ANTONIO BANDERAS Pain and Glory LEONARDO… Read more →

Black Panther

I have to admit, I am a DC guy.  I grew up reading Batman and Superman comics and watching Michael Keaton and Christopher Reeves play the respective parts on the big screen.  But I am in a conundrum because I am also a huge Disney fan.  Now that Disney owns Marvel, I have watched the films but I have not… Read more →

Ralph Breaks the Internet

John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman are the leads but definitely not the stars of Ralph Breaks the Internet.  The stars of this movie are the writers.  This is a great concept and the jokes and situations are written masterfully.  I think the highlight of the movie is all the Disney characters that are in this movie.  It is kind… Read more →


I went into this movie not knowing much about it, and was secretly hoping that Michael Keaton who plays Birdman in this movie would utter the words in his husky voice, “I’m Birdman.”  I thought this was a super hero turned actor movie but I think it was something much more and am not surprised to see this as a… Read more →

The Hundred Foot Journey

This movie is filmed extremely well and I expect the cinematographer to get a nomination for an Oscar for such a well thought out look.  I believe that the actors from Mirren to Dayal are interesting to watch and they all carry some sort of change through the picture.  The script however still needed work which lead to some poor… Read more →